It pays to connect with Retalix.
If you’re an independent grocer looking to cut your electronic payments costs and get your stores PCI compliant, take a close look at Retalix Connected Payments™. Our breakthrough technology not only connects you to the lowest-cost processors, it also disconnects you from up-front software charges and much of the hassle and expense of meeting PCI.

PLUG-AND-PLAY FSA New federal mandates require special “IIAS” software, or your shoppers’ FSA and other health-care card payments will be rejected. Grocers must also retain records of benefit card transactions for five years. But don’t worry. Retalix has you covered. We’re offering secure, fully automated, hosted storage and reporting for a low monthly subscription. Our new ISS45 and Scanmaster software updates with FSA support keep your payments – and your customers – moving smoothly.

Connect with Store POS Systems today.

                             U-Scan Self Checkout
Independent grocers and regional chains are turning to U-Scan self-checkout to provide speed and convenience to their shoppers while keeping a tight reign on labor costs.  The system operates like a conventional checkout lane, but it's the shopper - not the cashier - who scans, bags and pays for purchases... with minimal supervision from store attendants.

The next generation of U-Scan self-checkout systems has been created to bring customer service to the next level.  Now even more compact than ever, the U-Scan system saves space at the front-end and provides shoppers with the highest level of customer service and reliability.

Ideal for independent grocers wishing to bring even better service levels and options to their shoppers, U-Scan allows busy shoppers to purchase items on their own, either at the traditional front-end checkout stand or at other departments within the store.

U-Scan is seamlessly integrated with StoreNext's ISS45 and ScanMaster point-of-sale systems.


  • Variety of configurations available to meet space needs, including Cashier Stations
  • Upgradeable configurations to accommodate higher throughput
  • Modular units
  • Integrates with iPad Mobile Attendant
  • Mature, stable and proven software that “mimics” the POS environment


  • Enables variety of remote cashier functions
  • Improves customer service, shortens staffed checkout lines too! 
  • Minimal involvement of IS and store support services for maintenance

               TeamPoS 3000 XL and TeamPoS 2000 M
TeamPoS 3000 meets the challenges of today's competitive, dynamic in-store retailing environment by helping retailers improve service, command customer loyalty and increase bottom-line profitability. Based upon the latest, highest-performance Intel Pentium M processors, TeamPoS 3000 XL and TeamPoS 2000 M are versatile and powerful enough to meet virtually all of your in-store technology needs to reduce your dependence on multiple systems and vendors, and ultimately reduce your total cost of ownership.

The powerful TeamPoS 2000/3000 terminals run the latest electronic marketing applications with ease, so you can implement creative and more powerful consumer programs. Unique features within TeamPoS 2000/3000 make it easy to maintain, expand and upgrade - even by your own in-store staff - protecting your investment for the years to come.

Based on value and reliability, this POS system offers the power, reliability and all the features you need from a POS system in a streamlined solution. TeamPoS 3000 XE provides proven performance and reliability with a low-priced, lifecycle-managed solution in an attractive package that rivals higher-priced units.

TeamPoS 3000 Peripherals:  the TeamPoS 300 XL and XE can use the same best-of-breed peripherals from Fujitsu, TPG, Epson, PSC/Datalogic, Hypercom and others. 

TeamPoS 3000 XE and XL Features

  • Compact, adaptable system
  • Expandable and upgradeable system based on open standards
  • Connectivity supports Powered USB and RS-232 POS peripherals, including legacy peripherals
  • Certified as fully compliant with Microsoft Windows Embedded for POS (WePOS)
  • Celeron M, Celeron D and Pentium M processor selection


  • Simplifies system management
  • Immediate and secure access to components
  • Reduces helpdesk and support costs
  • Lowers power consumption and maintenance costs
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